The best bookmakers in Slovenia


It is known that almost every online bookmaker has a list of countries from which players are not accepted. This is mainly because many countries have very strict bookmaking laws and do not license foreign contractors. Looking at our region or The situation in the former Yugoslavia is very similar. The whole market is somehow located in the "gray zone" mainly from the aspect of gambling.

In all countries of the former Yugoslavia, sports betting and gambling are legal, but each country has rules when it comes to online betting. The situation in Slovenia is in some ways very interesting, since in theory the country has a monopoly on the organization of sports betting, and all foreign bookmakers cannot obtain a license. There are currently two licensed contractors, the Sports Lottery and the Lottery of Slovenia .

Betting in Slovenia

In 2018, an initiative appeared for the legalization of foreign sports bookmakers and online casinos in the way that the latter would pay Slovenia a concession and tax, and Slovenia would then be granted a license to operate. However, this bill was not adopted in the Slovenian Parliament, as it was voted against the bill in close proximity, and the main protagonist was Slovenian Member of Parliament Branko Zorman.

In this way, Slovenia loses a large part of its revenue every year, as it is estimated that Slovenian players spend more than € 500 million annually by playing in foreign bookmakers and casinos. There are few online bookmakers that have banned Slovenian players due to this situation, with rare cases being Bwin , Pinnacle and Betfair .

Bookmakers with the best bonuses

Sportsbook bonuses allow all new players to quickly learn about the fascinating world of sports betting! Professional players who have multiple bookmaker accounts at the same time are happy to take advantage of the additional bonuses and use them as additional capital for their betting strategies.

In addition to the amount of the bonus, transparent conditions for the payment of the bonus are also important. After all, what benefits us with hundreds of euros worth of bonuses, but if we can never pay it back.

It is difficult to make a fair assessment in this segment, as many sportsbooks offer different casinos and poker bonuses. Given that we focus on bookmakers, we have considered the following aspects:

Secondary Bonuses - Some bookmakers also offer bonuses for your 2nd and 3rd deposits

Additional promotions for individual events, matches, competitions

Cashbacks where you receive a portion of your down payment

Free Betting - These are usually available in select matches and tournaments

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