Jorge Masvidal: Profile


Jorge Masvidal is an American mixed martial artist currently competing in the UFC's welterweight division. A professional since 2003, he has also competed for Bellator, Strikeforce, Shark Fights, and World Victory Road. He owns the record for fastest knockout in UFC history, at 5 seconds, occurring in his match against the previously undefeated Ben Askren at UFC 239 via flying knee.  스포츠토토

After a 16-month layoff, Masvidal faced Darren Till on March 16, 2019, in the main event at UFC Fight Night 147. Although dropped in the first round, he went on to win the fight via knockout in the second round.[65] The win also earned Masvidal his second Fight of the Night and third Performance of the Night bonus awards.

In an Interview Jorge Masvidal says 'a lot of people are gonna be mad' with his pay cheque for Nate Diaz fight

Jorge Masvidal has said a lot of his fellow UFC fighters will be "mad" when they find out how much money he's making to fight Nate Diaz at Madison Square Garden.

The two will go at it in the main event of UFC 244, for the honour of being crowned the "baddest in the game" with a special gimmick "BMF" belt even on the line.

"A lot of people are gonna be mad when they see this ( pay cheque )" Masvidal told Ariel Helwani's MMA Show.

"I'd rather say a lot of people are gonna be happy, but seeing how a lot of my colleagues have been talking and stuff, when they actually find out these numbers 'Wah! That's not fair man!'" he added, mimicking a baby crying.