How legal are bets in the Russian Federation?


In Russia, bets are accepted at land-based betting offices and online.

According to the Federal Law "About state regulation of activities on organization and conduct of gambling and about the introduction of amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation", an interactive bet is money including electronic funds that the IBAC transfers to the betting office on behalf of gamblers using electronic payment methods.

Players can also place bets at land-based betting shops, a detached area of the gambling facility, where the bookmaker accepts bets from players.

With the start of the World Cup in Russia, sports bets screaming at you from every iron that wasn't even connected to the outlet turned on new capacities, and the betting companies seemed to set themselves the goal of placing at least one branch near every stop point in any is a big city.

It's worth turning on a video of some blogger, Versus or a new series, at the beginning you will definitely be told which bookmaker has the most favorable odds and the best mobile application. The hand of the bookmaker even reached the holy of holies - the ether of Channel One. Entertainment shows there now look like this.

At the same time, a lot of companies without a license operate in the country. They often change website addresses and hide on mirrors, and their application on a smartphone can be downloaded only bypassing the App Store and Google Play. Such offices are quite popular due to more favorable coefficients, but they often sin by non-payment of winnings. 파워볼게임 And to make claims against them is not easy, because they do not even have licenses.

Also, many players continue to habitually place bets in foreign companies. They are not registered in Russia and, accordingly, cannot get a license here, but otherwise they continue to function - only a proxy or VPN is required to access their offers.

During the World Cup, every Russian traditionally becomes a football expert, who knows everything about the Costa Rican laterals and the advantages of the false nine scheme and, of course, confident in which account the guys in blue will win against the guys in red.

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