Gambling Under Iranian Law:


Gambling is a crime but it is considered a gambling offense and when the crime of gambling is verified, the offender will be dealt with by law, so the legal provisions relevant to dealing with gambling crime and betting on sports tournament results Gambling by any means is forbidden, gambling by any means, and perpetrators sentenced to one to six months' imprisonment or up to 2 lashes, and both are punished if gambling is committed.

Gambling is one of the offenses not listed in the Islamic Penal Code as criminal and is not mentioned in any of the legal articles,

Gambling and betting on money or property and everything else. Gambling is usually played with brain teasers and card games or chance games. Any type of game in which the person who wins the game loses money or something else, including gambling and betting.

Betting, like other crimes, has entered cyberspace and social networks and cyberspace. Profiteers are trapped by seductive promises to encourage young people to bet.

Gambling Under Iranian Law:

In Iranian law we do not have a criminal title for gambling and we consider it a criminal title for gambling. The legislator provides in Article 1 of the Islamic Penal Code that:

What is gambling?

Gambling is a contract between two or more people, who play a particular game, each of whom wins a certain amount of money. In other words, it is a contractual bet between the two parties who predict the outcome of a particular issue and whoever the prediction is true wins the bet and receives a certain amount of money for it. Like predicting sports and World Cup games.

What is a bet?

Betting is a contract between two people who prove one thing and negate the other and commit to giving each one the right thing, giving the other some money, or anticipating the occurrence of an event and committing to each He was right, to get some money from the other side.

Punishment for this crime under Iranian law:

According to the Iranian Penal Code, gambling is prohibited by any means and its perpetrators are sentenced to one to six months imprisonment or up to (1) lashes and are sentenced to both punishments if convicted of gambling.

Gambling is considered a crime of any kind and according to Articles 1 to 5 of the Islamic Penal Code, Internet gambling is also considered a crime and treated as equal criminals. 먹튀검증가이드 Unfortunately, many users have since given up knowing that they have acted illegally, refusing to complain and abusing the feature, but people should be reported to the Fata Police in the event of fraud, and then to the Computer Crimes Tribunal. See the result.

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